SUNBOW is an AI company, mainly focus on the contextual revolution in terms of voice picking. Providing AI solution to meet the needs of Supply-Chain refinement management and efficiency improvement.

In-depth understanding of warehouse scenarios, insights into technologies and industries such as AI, Supply-Chain and big data, have formed the products, technical hard power and soft power of operation and maintenance services with SUNBOW characteristics.

Independent Speech Recognition

  • -No need to record any voice template-
  • -Combining industry-specific voice libraries-
  • -Automatically capture voice features during work-

Flexible Configuration of Warehouse

  • -Multiple warehouses across the country-
  • -Different warehouse with different business processes-
  • -No Problem. We can configure that flexibly-

AI Diagnosis

  • -View multiple reports at backstage-
  • -Still do not know how much room for improvement-
  • -Never mind. Try AI automatic diagnosis to find more hlep-

Enable Process

100% Project Success

Inside SUNBOW, we have a strict project quality control system. Once we start the project, we can promise that we will provide you with satisfactory results.

Warehouse Investigation

Any question? Just call us. Telephone communication will clarify all your needs and give you a quick idea of what we can do for you. We can also conduct on-site warehouse investigation for higher quality services.

POC test

POC test can help you detect the value of our solutions with a lower cost. We can also skip it if you believe in our services.

Customized development or direct delivery

If you need customized development, business processes and development cycle should be confirmed in writing before the contract. For the universal function, SUNBOW can achieve 0-day delivery.



Efficiency (%)

Voice picking, liberates both hands and eyes, even merges orders, realizes multi-order picking, and improves the average efficiency by 30%.


Accuracy (%)

We can support check code voice response, scanning and other confirmation methods to ensure that the picking accuracy rate reached 99.99%, or even higher.


Report generation (in seconds)

SUNBOW system has various reports based on warehouse, person and goods. Generate reports within 10s, which is a great tool for fine management.

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